Making Changes Without Fear

Using Simple Git Commands to Tame Website Updates

In my last post, I talked in general about how I use Git to provide version control for my website. In this post, I’ll describe the simple Git commands I use to manage changes to my website.

Simple Example: Edit a File

I have a master version of my website that I push via FTP to a web server. I also have a development version of my website that I use to test changes before deciding to take them live. Git manages those versions seamlessly so I can concentrate on the changes. Here is a typical exchange: Continue reading “Making Changes Without Fear”


Using Git for Website Version Control

TL;DR. Git provides better control of website changes than manually tracking file versions and it’s free.

I decided to build my portfolio website from scratch, just to practice my HTML and CSS skills. It’s always better to practice on something real, and I’m relatively happy with it. It does what I need it to do right now, but I periodically need to add content or make improvements.

I’ve also been learning Git and GitHub as I contribute to an open-source Apache Software Foundation incubator project.

It only recently occurred to me to join the two endeavors (duh!) and use Git to provide local version control as I continue developing my website. Continue reading “Using Git for Website Version Control”