Building Your First App with Android Studio 2.0

Hints for using the first two Android training guides with Android Studio 2.0 and suggestions for extending your first app to programmatically check locale, use log statements, use screen orientation to test different layouts, and create a quick run-time build-version test using the Snackbar message.


As the title suggests, this article is for developers who are new to the Android development platform. You need some knowledge of markup languages, but don’t have to be an expert in XML. It’s great if you know  Java, but as long as you’re familiar with other programming languages, you can build an Android application. Of course, you also need Android Studio 2.0 and the latest SDK.

The Internet has no shortage of resources for beginning Android developers, but I like the training guides on the Android developer website because they are thorough and let you jump right in and start coding. There are eight Getting Started guides, beginning with Building Your First App and including guides for supporting different devices, building a dynamic UI,  and using system permissions. (More experienced developers may like the 19 advanced educational categories, including writing for wearables and best practices for performance and security.)
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