Using Google Slides and icons to diagram the Google Android API Intro

Earlier this week, I went to the San Francisco Write the Docs meetup and heard eleven great lightning talks. I heard many ideas I want to try out (like playing with Twine, for example), but I am very visual, so the icons John Mulhausen used in the Kubernetes Case Study caught my eye, and I decided to play with those first.

Briefly, John is using GitHub to allow other tech writers to help him with the Kubernetes documentation. It’s open source, so anyone can contribute by making pull requests. John particularly needs help creating diagrams, so he demonstrated how to use an obsolete Google style guide to create new diagrams.

It happens I was researching Google Android APIs today. I decided to turn the developer guide introduction into diagrams, using John’s style guide. The result is the Google Slide Deck above. (I did create one icon, using the same color and style, so it meshes with the rest of the icons. See if you can figure out which icon I created.)  Continue reading “Using Google Slides and icons to diagram the Google Android API Intro”


API Endpoints vs Resources

API Endpoints vs Resources

Aha! moments are the best. Don’t you agree? Whether it’s learning something brand new or something I didn’t know quite as well as I thought, I live for the moments when things just click.

These moments are, of course, preceded by another kind of moment: the tilt-your-head, furrow-your-brows, something’s-not-right-here moment. I recently had one of those moments reading about API endpoints and resources. Continue reading “API Endpoints vs Resources”